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Abbvie Announces CF Scholarship Thriving Student Award Recipients

Two incredible students living with CF have been selected as recipients of AbbVie’s CF Scholarship Thriving Student Awards. Grace and Jacob (pictured below) were each awarded $25,000 in their pursuit of higher education.

Grace, the 2023 Thriving Undergraduate Student, is a talented artist and freshman at Grace College where she is studying graphic design. Jacob, the Thriving Graduate Student, is a medical student at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine. Although pursuing two very different career paths, both students have shown immense strength, resilience, and determination to face CF head-on while chasing their dreams.

Earlier this year, 40 undergraduate and graduate students living with CF were selected as recipients of $3,000 awards. These students later had the opportunity to participate in a public voting period and earn an additional $22,000 in scholarship funding by being named the Thriving Undergraduate or Graduate Student. Grace and Jacob are truly deserving of the Thriving Student Awards, which were determined based on a combination of their academic achievements, community involvement/extracurricular activities, essay and creative presentation scores, in addition to the number of public votes cast.

To learn more about these inspiring students and the scholarship program, visit the AbbVie CF Scholarship website.

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