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  • What is USACFA?
    USACFA (pronounced – you-sak-fa) is the United States Adult Cystic Fibrosis Association, Inc. USACFA was formed to provide a source of information and education for adults who have CF – regarding the basis, nature and progression of CF, as well as the latest treatments and research to fight CF. It also assists in the psycho-social aspects of coping with CF on a day-to-day basis. Providing a network and a forum for communication among adults who have CF, their families and medical professionals, USACFA publishes CF Roundtable.
  • Who runs USACFA?
    USACFA is a non-profit corporation with no paid employees. It is governed by a Board of Directors, all of whom are adults who have CF and volunteer their time. It is not affiliated with any other organization.
  • Where is the USACFA office?
    USACFA is operated out of the homes of the Members of the Board of Directors all over the United States. We have no corporate offices.
  • Where does USACFA get its money?
    We no longer ask for subscription fees from our readers. However, reader donations are still an important source of income for us. We also receive grants from medical/pharmaceutical companies and foundations, but we get no funding from the Government.
  • What is CF Roundtable?
    CF Roundtable is a publication for adults who have CF, and it’s published four times each year. Most articles in CF Roundtable are written by adults who have CF.
  • Does CF Roundtable accept advertising?
    There is no advertising in CF Roundtable. However, corporations can make donations or grants to USACFA, and they will receive recognition in the publication. All donations are greatly appreciated.
  • How can I get an article printed in CF Roundtable?
    Send your submission by email to Include a title and byline. Please send two recent photographs of yourself in JPEG format.
  • What is a Focus topic?
    A Focus topic is the main theme for a particular CF Roundtable. Each issue has a different one.
  • Will CF Roundtable print articles written by people who do not have CF?
    It is policy that articles written by adults who have CF get first printing priority. Articles by others are printed as space allows.
  • How can I subscribe to CF Roundtable?
    You may register to receive the publication online or via the registration form found in CF Roundtable itself. You have the option to receive the publication electronically online, by hard copy in the mail, or both. Once you are registered you will receive a link to access recent and past copies of CF Roundtable.
  • How can I tell when it is time to renew my subscription to CF Roundtable?
    There will be no renewal process. Once a year, you will be asked to update your subscription preferences so that we may keep our files current. You can update your information (change of email or home address) at any time from any email sent from us. This option will appear on the bottom right of all correspondence. You will be able to click on the “update subscription preferences” link to do so.
  • Do I have to send money with my renewal?
    No. CF Roundtable is a free publication for all who register to receive it. However since there are numerous costs to maintain our website and print and mail the hard copies of the publication, any donation amount is greatly appreciated. Your donations enable us to maintain our high standards of production and to keep CF Roundtable free for years to come!
  • Does USACFA share my name and personal information?
    No, USACFA does not give, rent, or sell any information about our subscribers to anyone.
  • If I make a donation to USACFA can I deduct it on my taxes?
    USACFA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization. All donations that are received are tax deductible.
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