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The Board of Directors of the Adult US Cystic Fibrosis Association is proud to support a Speakers Bureau, bringing the voices and personal perspectives of adults living with CF to the CF community including fundraisers, education days, conferences and other events. Information about each speaker and the topics they’ll present is provided in the Summary List below with more detailed information further on. We look forward to finding a speaker for your event. Please fill out the form below and someone will contact you regarding your event.

our speakers & 
their topics 
Jeanie Hanley, M.D.
Past President of CF Roundtable
  • Living with CF

  • Challenges with CF

  • Traveling with CF

  • Success and CF

  • Patient advocacy

  • Late diagnosis and importance of newborn screening

Laura Mentch
CF Roundtable Volunteer
  • Adult Diagnosis of CF – Sexual Health and CF

  • Talking with Children about Sexuality

Xan Nowakowski, Ph.D, M.P.H.
CF Roundtable Director
  • Living with CF

  • Mental Health

  • Challenges of CF

  • Success & CF

  • Sexuality & CF

  • Patient Advocacy

  • Education

  • Choosing Careers

  • Balancing school, work & CF

  • Employment & CF

  • Healthcare & CF

  • Diversity in CF

  • Relationships with doctors & care facilities

  • Sexual & Reproductive Health & CF

  • Research

  • Late Diagnosis

  • Scientific discussions on CF mechanism of disease and CFTR modulators mechanism of action

Rachel Alder
CF Roundtable Volunteer

• Diversity

• Late diagnosis

• Relationships with doctors and care facilities

• Challenges with CF

• Mental health

• Living with CF

• Balancing work, school and CF

  • Education and CF – Choosing Careers

  • CFRD

  • Sexuality and CF

  • Exercise 

  • Patient Advocacy

  • Clinical Trials

  • Traveling with CF

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