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Jeannine Ricci Memorial Webcast series

The series is named after past CF Roundtable Board member who was an advocate for access to medication and treatment for all people with CF and for mental health related treatment. The Ricci family has generously donated funds to CF Roundtable to support the webinar series.

These webinars are meant to educate and inspire those living with cystic fibrosis.

Webinar 1–Understanding Social Security Disability Reviews & Maintaining Benefits


Attorney Beth Sufian, Director of the CF Social Security Project, provides important information on the Social Security Continuing Disability Review (CDR) process. This webinar is a MUST SEE for CF care team members and anyone with CF who receives Social Security benefits. Social Security is ending benefits for thousands who receive SSDI and SSI. People with CF and their CF teams will understand the process after watching this webinar.


Link for WebINAR #1:

Webinar 2–Writing For Wellness

Isabel Stenzel Byrnes, L.C.S.W., M.P.H., presents a Webcast on the benefits of writing regularly as a way of coping with CF.

In this webcast Isabel speaks on writing for wellness. She discusses the value of writing as a way to deal with the ups and downs of life with CF. Viewers will learn how to use writing and journaling as a strategy in their CF toolbox.


Isabel Stenzel Brynes is a licensed social worker and has a Masters of Public Health. Isabel is the author of the best selling book, "The Power of Two"  and co-stars with her sister Ana in the documentary, The Power of Two Movie.  Both the book and movie tell the story of Isabel and Ana's incredible lives as identical twins living with CF and their journey through lung transplant. Isabel is now 18 years post transplant.


Link for WebINAR #2

Webinar 3–Coping with CF

Jenny Livingston and Noor Elshaar share the coping strategies they use to face each

day with CF with strength.  Sonya Haggett, L.S.W., moderates this incredible Webcast.


Link for WebINAR #3

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