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The Stenzel

In memory Isa Stenzel Byrnes and
Ana Stenzel

Next deadline:
march 30, 2025

The Ana and Isa Stenzel Scholarship is a $2,500 scholarship that may be awarded once annually to a person with cystic fibrosis who is, during the period for which the scholarship award is paid, enrolled in a course of higher education leading to a degree granted by an institution in the United States in either health science, social work, mental health science, genetic counseling, or environmental science.

The Stenzel Scholarship was established in 2023 in memory of two amazing women with CF, Isa Stenzel Byrnes and Ana Stenzel. Isa was a licensed social worker and had a Master’s of Public Health. She imparted her wisdom to CF Roundtable readers for 17 years in her CF Roundtable column, “Spirit Medicine.” Ana Stenzel was Isa’s twin sister. Ana was a genetic counselor at Stanford hospital for 16 years. Isa and Ana dedicated their lives to helping others. They provided education, hope and comfort to thousands of people throughout their lives. They showed the world that people with CF could find meaning in their lives by making a difference in the lives of others. 

Please submit your completed Cover Sheet and Essay Template via email to along with the following supporting documents.

  • Your completed Cover Sheet form, downloadable below

  • A copy of an official transcript from high school (or college/university when applicable)

  • A copy of proof of enrollment for the upcoming semester

  • A resume, including all of your contact information

  • An official letter from your doctor or CF clinic confirming cystic fibrosis diagnosis

  • A headshot

  • Your completed Essay Template form, downloadable below

See below information on Scholarship Requirements for details.

scholarship requirements

  • Applicants must provide proof of enrollment for the academic year their application is targeting. For example, applicants for the Academic Year 2024-2025 cycle must demonstrate that they will be enrolled for the Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 terms.

  • Applicants do *not* need to be actively enrolled in a degree program when applying—but must be enrolled for the time period covered by award disbursements. See above.

  • Winners who are enrolled full-time for the disbursement period will receive 100% of the listed award amount. Those who are enrolled half-time for the disbursement period will receive 50% of the listed award amount.

  • One scholarship is given out for each portfolio each year. In the case of a tie for second place, decisions will be made based on evidence of financial need articulated in applicant essays.

  • Applying to more than one USACFA scholarship in a given academic year is allowed. However, anyone awarded a particular scholarship will be removed from candidacy for subsequent scholarships during that same cycle.

  • Each person can only win the same scholarship once during the course of their education. However, a single person can win different scholarships for different academic years while completing the same educational program.

  • If a candidate does not win a given scholarship during a specific funding cycle, their application will be rolled over to any other scholarships for which they are eligible during that same cycle.

  • In the event you are awarded a scholarship, the following will be needed:

    • Signed statement authorizing USACFA to publicly post, along with your headshot, on our blog, in our newsletter, and/or any of our social media outlets

    • A short bio to be used with the aforementioned requirement

    • Agreement to write an article or blog entry for CF Roundtable (details TBD)

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