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My name is Lara and I am 33 years old with CF. I am a native of upstate New York and currently reside in Vermont. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, with a concentration in nonviolence and business administration, from St. Bonaventure University. I received my Master’s Degree in Education, specializing in Mental Health and School Counseling, from St. Bonaventure University as well. I have always been fascinated with people’s personal stories, believing there’s always a reason someone is the way that he or she is—you just have to dig a little deeper to find out!

Writing has always been a therapeutic outlet for me. In recent years, I have started openly sharing my journey with CF, transplant, and this road called life. You can also find my column, “Valiant Voice,” on the Cystic Fibrosis News Today website, in addition to my regular blogs for the Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation. 

I was relatively healthy until my late 20s, when my health quickly tanked in the spring of 2017. By August of that year, I had undergone a bilateral lung transplant. Forever grateful for my new lease on life, I adopted the motto "Live Out Loud,” which also happens to be the title of my new column in CF Roundtable. I am honored to be a director and excited to connect with new people, learn from others. Connecting with other CFers and transplant recipients has proven to be a meaningful way to find camaraderie.

I’m an avid adventurer and nature is my happy place. I enjoy kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking, to name a few. I am blessed with a wonderful support squad of family and friends who appreciate belly laughs, tasty food, and adventuring on the regular, like I do. My background in mental health lends to an appreciation of deep conversations and a passion for bringing hope to those who are struggling. You can connect with me on Facebook and Instagram @Lungs4Lovey or on my website:

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