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Welcome to CFRoundtable.com, the website for USACFA!  What, you ask, is that?  It stands for the United States Adult Cystic Fibrosis Association Inc., a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, run by 12 volunteer Directors who all have CF. Since 1990, USACFA has published a quarterly newsletter, CF Roundtable, offering hope, support, and news in the world of cystic fibrosis.  Now you can get even more through this newly updated website. So regardless of whether you have CF, care for someone with it, or simply know a person who has it, you’ll find helpful and encouraging information.

Take a look at the site, and then consider subscribing.  You can now receive CF Roundtable free as an online PDF, a hard copy, or both. Want to check it out a little more or interested in a particular topic?  Back issues are also available for free; for further information, see the subscription page. Read More>>

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