Future Focus Topics

Please consider contributing to CF Roundtable by sharing some of the experiences of your life in writing. Read the Focus topics listed below and see if there are any about which you might like to write. In addition, humorous stories, articles on basic life experiences, short stories, artwork, cartoons and poetry are welcome. We require that all submissions be original and unpublished. With your submission, please include a recent photo of yourself as well as your name, address and telephone number. Photos will be returned. Send all submissions to: CF Roundtable, PO Box 1618, Gresham, OR 97030-0519 or e-mail to: cfroundtable@usacfa.org

Spring (current) 2018: Maintaining Mental Health With CF.

Summer (August) 2018: What Is Most Important To You When A Disaster Strikes? (Submissions due June 15, 2018.) What are the things that you know you must have with you in the event of a disaster, either natural or manmade? Where do you keep these essential items? What plans have you made for surviving when basic services are interrupted?

Autumn (November) 2018: Changes We Experience As We Age. (Submissions due September 15, 2018.) What changes have you noticed in your body and health as a result of aging? How do you approach your aging so as to handle it with ease?

Winter (February) 2018: Organ Transplants. (Submissions due December 15, 2018.)

Suggest A Focus Topic for CF Roundtable!
A Focus topic is the main theme for a particular CF Roundtable. Each issue has a different one. To suggest a focus topic, email us at cfroundtable@usacfa.org or mail it in to:  USACFA, PO Box 1618, Gresham, OR 97030-0519.