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Ela Castillo


Hi! I’m Ela Castillo. I’m an adult diagnosed with CF in early childhood. I have a passion for advocacy and fundraising within the CF community. Previously, I worked at Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Boston. I have rare CF mutations and I am currently ineligible for any modulator therapies.

I am American and I come from a mixed family—my father’s side is Colombian and my mother is ethnically Ashkenazi Jewish (from eastern Europe). In addition to CF, I’m hard of hearing and neurodiverse. I was diagnosed with epilepsy and ADHD in adulthood. I strive to gain representation for all the groups I am a part of, as well as other underrepresented groups within the CF community. 

I am passionate about accessibility and helping adults with CF find appropriate support, especially for deaf and hard of hearing, navigating multiple disabilities, and practical recommendations for young professionals with CF.

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