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Hi, I’m Devin Wakefield, and I’m so excited to join USACFA as a director. I have read CF Roundtable for many years now, and I enjoy reading every CFer’s news and perspectives. I had been volunteering with CF Roundtable to help manage our social media accounts. During that time, I got to know several of the current directors very well—their exuberant and determined personalities convinced me to join the board as a full director. I want everyone with CF to have every opportunity to chat with each other and learn from each other. Each of us has been through so many different experiences and collectively knows so much. I learn something new during every interaction with another CFer. 


A little about me: I love to explore the outdoors, embrace my gay self, and complain about CF. The outdoors brings me a sense of freedom that anyone with CF cries out for, and a deep appreciation for the vastness of our world. I am gay and proud of it. Any hot, hunky guys in need of a husband out there? I’ll woo you with my abs and gastrointestinal reflexes. Meanwhile, who doesn’t love to complain about CF? It’s so much fun to mix and match cuss words with different CF complications. It keeps me loving life. 


I was diagnosed with CF at birth. I survived a lot of GI trauma in my teens to grow into a flamboyant and powerful man. Today, I am strong, healthy and benefiting from the triple modulator, Trikafta. I have been busy embracing life post-Trikafta, and I hope everyone with CF can benefit from a drug that directly targets our underlying condition. We have not forgotten patients with nonsense mutations! We will make sense of them, yet!

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