Building a Relationship With Your Women’s Health Provider

By Melissa Shiffman

After I spoke to my CF doctor about my desire to get pregnant, she recommended an ob/gyn who worked with other CF patients. I saw her right before I got pregnant and continued to do so throughout the birth of my daughter, my miscarriage two years later and the birth of my son a year after that. She was kind, caring, thorough and had knowledge of CF that we found comforting. While I was pregnant with my son, we  had an issue over insurance that compromised my trust in her. My CF center recommended a new gynecologist who I saw for a number of years. She was smart, straightforward, attentive and always asked about my CF but I felt rushed during my my appointments. Talking about my concerns was like a going through bullet point checklist rather than a partnership so I asked friends for recommendations. One OB/gyn I tried was fantastic the first time I saw her but when I returned this past year, I waited for hours, then only got  2 minutes with her to explain my concerns about a possible hormonal issue, she sent me to another specialist who told me I did not have breast cancer. That’s not why I went to her but she did not even listen to my actual hormonal concerns. The search is on again and I’m feeling so frustrated.

I would love to build a relationship with a women’s health provider now that I’m on the cusp of perimenopause. I feel like I’m embarking on a journey with no direction.  I am hoping for some guidance from Drs. Emily Godfrey and Sheila Mody, CFReSHC board members and women’s health care providers, who will discuss how to find a women’s health care provider that meets your needs by reviewing what questions to ask and clarifying your goals for each visit at the CFReSHC Patient Task Force meeting on Thursday April 4, 2019 from 1-3pm EST.

Attendees can share their personal experiences, help develop potential research questions to be addressed by the CFReSHC research advisory panel and receive an Amazon gift card for their time.  For more information on CFReSHC and for login information email CFReSHC at   

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