Making it Matter Podcast – CF Nutrition

Making it Matter Podcast Ep. 10 – CF Nutrition

Nutrition is something I love to talk about (well…. ever since I got my feeding tube placed in 2011). It is a vital part of CF care, something that Julia and I approach differently. While my pancreas doesn’t seem to work, Julia knows she is Continue reading Making it Matter Podcast – CF Nutrition

CF Wind Sprints Episode 32: Using a Feeding Tube

In the following episode of CF Wind Sprints, Jerry Cahill introduces the question of how to use a feeding tube. Although Jerry has never used a feeding tube, his friend Gunnar Esiason has, and is able to give a short overview of its use.

CF Wind Sprint Episode 29: Energy and Protein Bars

In this episode, Jerry discusses several protein and energy bars that he uses to boost his workouts. Prior to a workout, it is extremely important to store up energy, and then to replenish your energy afterwards, until you have time for a full meal. Jerry goes through a number of his favorite bars.