Check out Genentech’s new Muck Busters iPhone game

Genentech has just launched Muck Busters, which is an iPhone game that is not only fun to play, but also brings an educational component to CF patients and caregivers through a very clever game design. Users navigate a colorful world battling stubborn enemies including bacteria, white blood Continue reading Check out Genentech’s new Muck Busters iPhone game

CF Podcast #120: The Hatfield Brothers, Brett and Brennan – Being Compliant with CF

In this episode, we talk with Brett and Brennan Hatfield, both of whom are brothers and enjoying high school in Omaha, Nebraska. Bret is 15, Brennan is 17, and both are living, breathing and succeeding with cystic fibrosis.

• Brett and Brennan were diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when they were four years old. Continue reading CF Podcast #120: The Hatfield Brothers, Brett and Brennan – Being Compliant with CF

A must-read blog in NY Times Opinionator column

This blog was written by a woman who dated and then married a young man who had CF. She has written about this in The Modern Love column in the NY Times as well as just had a memoir published about her life with this man. It is so moving and well-written, I highly recommend at least reading her blog and then possibly purchasing her memoir titled, My Foreign Cities. This might not only interest those whose lives have been touched by those around them who have CF but those with CF as well.

The Ways I’ve Worried By Elizabeth Scarboro

Recently, I found myself lying in bed, trying to sleep, a common occurrence. I had forgotten to call my mom back earlier, and I now pictured her standing in her kitchen. Then the next second she had aged 20 years in my mind, she needed help and I worried about where she and my dad would live, since my husband, kids and I are already packed in a 740-square-foot house. (To read the whole article, click on link.)

Hear the latest podcast from Jerry Cahill with Lisa Ropers

Diagnosed at the age of 10 with cystic fibrosis, Lisa Ropers is now a happily married 33-year-old living in Holmesville, Nebraska. Lisa, in spite of dealing with the CF complication Pancreatitis, remains passionate about the fashion and retail management world. She loves going to the gym, Continue reading Hear the latest podcast from Jerry Cahill with Lisa Ropers

Reminder: You Cannot Fail Scholarship

Scholarship Application Deadline:
April 18, 2013
BEF CF Ambassador, Jerry Cahill, created the You Cannot Fail program to challenge people to discover their own heroism, embrace the ups and downs of their life’s journey, make a difference by sharing that journey with others, and celebrate the stories that make them unique.

As a component of that program, BEF established the Jerry Cahill You Cannot Fail scholarship in 2012 to honor exceptional student-athletes with cystic fibrosis who, like Jerry, don’t let the disease get in their way of living lives filled with purpose, passion, optimism and courage. These energetic young adults also understand that exercise is the key to living, breathing and succeeding with CF, so they have embraced physical activity as part of their everyday routine.

Amount:  $5,000
Deadline: April 18, 2013
Requirements and other information can be found at the Boomer Esiason Foundation website.

Meditation – Guest Blog by Jeanie Hanley

I’m not great or even very good at meditation, or at least my idea of what should be proper meditation. Turns out that, for me, regardless of whatever is great and proper meditation, sometimes all you need is just enough meditation – a tiny little something to get you through whatever stressful situation may be occurring. Everyone has or should have a way of dealing with Continue reading Meditation – Guest Blog by Jeanie Hanley

Sorority Rush – Guest Blog by Stephanie Rath

The more transplant evaluations I do the more they remind me of sorority rush. You meet many people in an organization and get to know them and vice versa in a very short time frame. You do your best to look well groomed, be friendly, ask important yet appropriate questions, and divulge enough information so they know you but not so much that you annoy them. Continue reading Sorority Rush – Guest Blog by Stephanie Rath

CF Wind Sprints Episode 32: Using a Feeding Tube

In the following episode of CF Wind Sprints, Jerry Cahill introduces the question of how to use a feeding tube. Although Jerry has never used a feeding tube, his friend Gunnar Esiason has, and is able to give a short overview of its use.

You Cannot Fail Website is Live

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Find out at:

Your struggle does not define you. Your reaction to that struggle will.

Whether faced with a life-altering disease, decision, or situation, how you react exposes hidden Continue reading You Cannot Fail Website is Live