When Cystic Fibrosis is Out of Our Control

There are those people that go with the flow and don’t stress as much about life events, but I would say a majority of people want to have control over how life pans out. I’m certainly the kind of person that needs to know how things will happen, I need to have a plan, and I worry about how my life will fall into place. Basically, I have a need to be in control. I have, for the most part, always maintained control over my disease, which is the most uncontrollable factor in my life. Continue reading When Cystic Fibrosis is Out of Our Control

Making it Matter Ep. 19

Making it Matter Ep. 19: Psychological Impact of Hospital Stays

Julia and I take a question from a listener on Twitter for this episode of Making it Matter:

@Ruth_Hochberg: I’d be interested to learn about coping & psychosocial effects of long term hospital stays on Making It Matter! Continue reading Making it Matter Ep. 19