Gunnar Esiason is Winning with CF

In this podcast you’ll see how I have taken to the coaching word, despite dealing with cystic fibrosis. Growing up, I was lucky enough to have some great coaches along the way. They always knew how far they could push me – just beyond the breaking point. I owe a lot of my character and Continue reading Gunnar Esiason is Winning with CF

Life with Cystic Fibrosis. No Cure, No Excuses. #Aware

Every May, the cystic fibrosis community reflects on the incredible progress already made to cure the disease and works to educate the general public about how much further we have to go. We remember when, years ago, a young boy overheard his mom discussing his disease on the phone Continue reading Life with Cystic Fibrosis. No Cure, No Excuses. #Aware

Jerry Cahill: Celebrating 10 Years of Cystic Fibrosis Podcasts

Congratulations to our very own CF Ambassador, Jerry Cahill, for reaching such an amazing milestone! The Boomer Esiason Foundation CF Podcast series has been a huge success for the past ten years – providing educational and informative podcasts and videos – and Jerry plans to keep Continue reading Jerry Cahill: Celebrating 10 Years of Cystic Fibrosis Podcasts

Gunnar Esiason: Own It–Ask Gunnar

All right, so here we go with the second round of “Ask Gunnar.” We are going to stick with that name until I can figure out something a little better – my family friendly creativity only goes so far at the moment. Remember, you can always ask a question (about CF or anything for that matter) by Continue reading Gunnar Esiason: Own It–Ask Gunnar

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Class for the CF Community

CFRI’s Partners in Living Initiative – A Holistic Approach to Life with Cystic Fibrosis

A 9-week online class led by Dr. Julie Desch, which combines body awareness, mindfulness meditation and hatha yoga to help those touched by cystic fibrosis to address anxiety, depression, Continue reading Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Class for the CF Community

Share your story with us for In The Spotlight.

CF Roundtable readers want to learn from your experience dealing with having CF. Share your unique journey with how you managed your health, lived your life, reached your personal milestones. You will help inspire others to achieve their goals and give hope to those struggling. Tell us what you enjoy, what makes you laugh or cry or who motivates you. How do you make it through the tough times? Help us be the best we can by contributing your story to In The Spotlight. If interested, contact us at:

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Beth’s Hospital Rules–Guest Blog By Beth Sufian

As winter continues many readers will find themselves in the hospital. While some of the rules are meant to make you smile other rules might be helpful.

1. Soft Blanket, soft socks, private room.

2. Anyone who enters the room must wash hands before touching you or anything in the room. Once you are in for a few days the different shifts will know they have to wash hands and you will only have to remind a few people. I know this is hard the first week when you feel terrible but gather your strength and speak up. Be nice but firm.  If you are lucky enough to be at a hospital that makes anyone entering the room put on gloves then consider yourself lucky. You will have one less thing to worry about during your stay.

3. Anyone who enters the room and seems sick must leave immediately. Only exception is mildly ill treating doctor wearing mask and gown.
(This may seem radical but a sick healthcare provider will not help you get better). Same rule applies to anyone entering who smells of cigarette smoke. No exception. If your doctor smokes it is time to find another doctor.

4. Discussions about your health and treatment do not have to involve a class of medical students as an audience.  Sometimes it is nice to have a discussion with your physician or a member of your CF team alone especially if you are discussing major events such as surgery or transplant.  Do not be afraid to ask for a private meeting without others present.

5. Stethoscope should be wiped with alcohol prep pad before touching you. Check all medicine labels before medicine is administered especially IV antibiotics.  Make sure your name is on the label.

6. Check your guilt at the door. It is hard to miss important events: husband’s birthday, big work project, dear friend’s wedding or funeral.   Some things are out of your control. You feel bad enough so no guilt about missing events.

7. Ask for help. I know you have CF so you don’t want to ask for help. Most people love to help others so just think of it as a way you can help those who care about you. Plus you are not wonder woman and you are not superman.  If you were you would not be in the hospital. Right?

8. Find something to laugh about 2 times a day. (I learned this from my dear friend Pammie Post who contributed many comics to the CF Roundtable issues to help make people laugh).

9. Talk about and plan one or more fun things you will do when you get out of the hospital.  Plan a trip to somewhere you have always wanted to go even if it is unlikely you can take the trip.  Plan a trip to a place close by that you can easily go when your hospital stay ends.

10. Remember there are a lot of good medicines and smart doctors and nurses who will make you feel better soon.

Friendships keep Gunnar Esiason Going

Team Boomer’s  Athlete of the Month
Every month, Team Boomer, one of our athletic programs at the Boomer Esiason Foundation, chooses an Athlete of the Month. For December, my best friend from growing up, Brian Fleishhacker, was chosen. Brian and his family have played an integral role in Continue reading Friendships keep Gunnar Esiason Going