USACFA Annouced by CF Foundation as a Recipient of 2017 Impact Grant

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has announced the recipients of its second annual Impact Grants. The Impact Grants Program provides funding to unique projects by and for people with cystic fibrosis (CF) and their family members. CF is a rare, genetic disease that progressively limits the ability to breathe and ultimately causes premature death.

Impact Grants award up to $10,000 each to four new, diverse programs across the country – from one that sends children with CF to summer camps and sports programs, to others that provide education and fitness resources to individuals with CF and their families. In addition to the four new grants in 2017, all seven 2016 Impact Grant recipients had their projects renewed for one year. Recipients were chosen by the CF Adult Advisory Council (AAC), an external panel comprised entirely of adults with cystic fibrosis, in partnership with the CF Foundation.

“People with CF and their families are the experts in what it’s like to live with this disease and the types of resources that will best support them,” said Drucy Borowitz, M.D., senior vice president of Community Partnerships at the CF Foundation. “By supporting these efforts, we are ultimately harnessing the power of the CF community to help people with this disease and their families live better lives every day.”

The new grant award recipients are:

The 65 Wellness Wishes program, through Meghan’s Light, Inc., will provide 65 health-focused exercise and physical fitness grants to children and adults with CF. The grants will give people with CF access to beneficial physical activities that can be incorporated as part of their fitness plans at home, school, the gym, or even while in the hospital.

The Cody Dieruf Benefit Foundation offers a three-day We Walk Together Mother’s Retreat for the mothers of children with CF, providing them with valuable education, self-care, and mutual support. The retreat aims to improve the wellbeing of mothers and in turn, improve the health and happiness of their entire families.

The CFS Gazette, published by the CF Society, is a printed newsletter for the CF community offering news about the latest medical advances and clinical trials, advice from specialists in the disease, nutritional tips and recipes, and general support around life with CF.

Kid Logistics helps promote an active lifestyle for children with CF. The program helps pay tuition for summer camps and sports programs, educate program providers about the special needs of children with CF, and pay for infection control supplies to ensure the child stays healthy.

The seven renewal Impact Grant recipients are:

The sINgSPIRE program, through Breathe Bravely, provides free, private voice lessons with a qualified voice instructor who works on strengthening participants’ respiratory systems and improving self-awareness and confidence.

Project CF Spouse is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting spouses of people with CF. The grant will continue to help grow the 150-person group, expand educational resources, and facilitate connections between other spouses as they navigate their own CF journeys.

The Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation (CFLF) is a nonprofit organization that helps people with CF maintain a healthy lifestyle. The CFLF provides assistance to children and adults with CF who demonstrate a financial need and personal desire to improve their physical wellbeing.

The United States Adult CF Association (USACFA), a nonprofit corporation run by adults with CF, offers the community an opportunity to exchange medical and nonmedical information through its quarterly national newsletter, CF Roundtable.

Program NuYou, part of Attain Health, is an online health coaching and personal training program for individuals with CF. Each participant receives time with an integrative health coach and personal trainer, and the program includes weekly check-ins, video conferences and a workout plan that is tailored to individual participant’s needs.

Miles for Cystic Fibrosis supports Project BreatheStrong, which provides grants for children and adults with CF to take part in activities that will improve their mental and physical health.

Continuing Education for Caregiver/Individuals with CF supports individuals affected by CF through educational workshops that concentrate on various aspects of the disease.

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