Strangers Help Give Woman in Need of 2nd Double Lung Transplant Her Dream Wedding

“We’ve kind of realized that if we wait it might not happen,” she said.

Caleigh Haber has been dreaming of her wedding day for as long as she can remember, but she never realized it would come like this.

The 27-year-old, who has cystic fibrosis and is currently in need of her second double lung transplant, is about to marry the love of her life, Bryan Takayama. It’s an exciting celebration with a somber undertone.

Photo credit: Caleigh Haber

Haber has already undergone her first double lung transplant, a procedure she had once hoped would give her new life. Although she said she was “extremely grateful” to her donor, the match wasn’t as perfect as they’d hoped, and Haber’s body has fully rejected her new lungs.

Now, she’s in kidney failure, has lost a significant amount of weight and is struggling to simply breathe.

“If someone is running a marathon or working out, that’s pretty much what my body is doing all the time,” she said.

Haber, of California, has been in and out of hospitals for much of her life, but her appointment last week came as a bit of a shock.

“I went into [the] clinic with an optimistic mindset that a new path would be discovered leading to a positive outcome. However I was completely taken off guard when I heard the words I needed to be admitted for testing and monitoring,” she wrote on Facebook. “For a ‘Hail Mary’ is what they called this admission.”

After two days of testing, doctors said there was nothing more they could do.

Haber needs a double lung transplant to live, but experts say she likely wouldn’t survive the procedure, and because of that, they can’t approve her as part of their transplant program.

“That’s pretty much the worst thing you can hear as a transplant patient,” she told NBC 5.

Of the many hospitals, she applied for a transplant at, Haber said all but three have declined her.

“As a result of this prognosis, I’m now left with the ‘fight or flight’ choice of what the next steps for my life should be – continue to work at changing centers’ minds to transplant me or live the rest of my days on my favorite Hawaiian island on palliative care,” she wrote. “After a crazy, stressful, and busy 48 hours of high emotions and big decisions, Bryan and I have arrived home to sit down and brainstorm our options for our future. When you have a love as strong as we do one person’s downfall is also the others. We ride the wave of life together no matter how large or scary. So tonight we’ve devised a plan to put all our last eggs into living.”

The couple, who have been dating for a year, have decided to get married and live out Haber’s dream while they still can.

“We’ve kind of realized that if we wait it might not happen,” she said. So with the help of family and friends, Haber started planning her wedding – in just seven days….

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