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By Jeanie Hanley MD, President of USACFA and
John Mercer, BreatheCon 2017 Co-Chair

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Our USACFA director, Mark Levine, is a featured Keynote Speaker on Friday and our CF Roundtable columnists, Aimee Lecointre will lead through a yoga session on Saturday afternoon and Julie Desch, MD will introduce you to meditation through MBSR – mindful based stress reduction. You won’t want to miss this.

The sessions are filling up so sign up today at

Read on for John Mercer’s blog on why you must attend. Hope you all tune in!

BreatheCon 2017: Why you have to attend & how it changed my life and will change yours!

By John W. Mercer
BreatheCon 2017 Co-Chair

So I write this as, first, an adult with CF that has stayed outside of the CF community for most of their life and, second, as the Co-Chair of BreatheCon 2017. BreatheCon is an annual virtual event for adults with CF that want to connect with others to share experiences and ideologies about living with CF that will last a lifetime, and likely, change your life! Change your life you say?? Yes, it may be a bold statement but it is one that I stand firmly behind because I know first hand that it changed my life exponentially and for the better.

What is BreatheCon you ask? Easy, if you’re an adult with CF this is an event that you need to attend! It is the only one of it’s kind and it is an event that is designed by and for adults with CF for us to connect with each other, to share life experiences, to support one another in countless ways, and offers opportunities to further explore a variety of topics for us living with CF and all that encompasses. Quick side note, it’s free by the way! Only adults with CF are allowed to attend which is unique in that it gives us the opportunity to communicate in ways that we are almost never able to and in an open, honest, and super supportive way. Participate in a keynote panel, fun activities, group chats, and small video breakouts on issues that are unique to adults living with CF, from maintaining relationships, to major life transitions, to overall well-being. Without question, as an adult living with CF this is the event you absolutely have to attend; you will not be disappointed! I promise.

As was briefly mentioned earlier, and much like the title says, it did change my life and will change yours. You just have to attend! The event inspired me so much to further immerse myself in the community, and to open up with and share with other like-minded people, that I went from someone very much on the outside looking in to one that is now co-chairing the only international adults with CF of it’s kind. Talk about going from 0-60, that’s what the event can do for you and having the chance to meet with and share with other CFers will only make your life better. We can’t wait to share more about BreatheCon 2017 and how it made an even greater impact on you, me, and the rest of the community.

Get yourself there, you won’t regret it. Find all the information you need and to register (which you now have to do by the way) please visit Go, what are you waiting for, go register…it’s FREE!


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