Introduction: Miracle Flights: free medically-related air travel for ill patients, including CF

Miracle Flights recently reached out to tell us about their wonderful organization and explain the details of their service, which we have compiled into a blog article to share on our website with our CF community.

Miracle Flights is a nonprofit organization that provides free commercial airline tickets to seriously ill, low income patients for care in the United States, either through local or international flights. The organization has already helped transport patients with Cystic Fibrosis for medical care and could benefit more people in our community.

There is no specific severity or medical criteria to be met, however they require a Medical Referral Certification letter, which should be completed by the patient’s local doctor and a Medical Appointment Confirmation letter to be completed by the treating doctor. As all flights take place on commercial airlines, the patient must be medically fit to be safely transported on commercial aircraft.

They offer three types of programs: Domestic U.S. Program, International Program, and Service Dog Program. It includes child and adult patients. Qualifying applicants may receive assistance as often as needed; and many of the patients who receive assistance from Miracle Flights need to travel multiple times throughout the year. Flights are subject to household income eligibility with supporting documentation. Financial criteria guidelines are provided in the blog article, but the income requirements are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

They suggested that if someone is in need of assistance but unsure if they would qualify for a flight, they contact the flight department directly with any questions.

Contact information can be found on the Miracle Flights website.

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