CALL TO ACTION – The Affordable Care Act

From the CFF…
We are sending this out today to let you know about an urgent need for action.  Wednesday, the Senate took a significant step toward repealing the Affordable Care Act. As critical health care reform decisions are made, it is essential that members of Congress hear from people in the CF community about the health care coverage needs of people with cystic fibrosis.

We are hearing from members on the Hill that phone calls from voters will make a huge difference in this debate. Therefore, we have added a “call your member” action to the previously-sent action alert.

Please use the following link to call your members of congress as soon as possible:

You will be asked to provide your phone number, address and zip code and then the system will call you back and connect you to your members’ offices. A script will be provided on the action webpage once you input your information.

2 thoughts on “CALL TO ACTION – The Affordable Care Act”

  1. Thank you for this easy action including the script. Much appreciated. Apart from voting I’m often unclear on what actions I can take and this helps.

    1. Hi Jason,
      Thank you for taking action. It is important that we all contact our representatives to make sure we all get insurance for our CF and other issues.

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