Making Exercise Fun

By Amy Braid

A while back I wrote about how much I dislike exercise yet I do it because I know I need to.  Well I am happy to report that I still don’t enjoy it!  HA!  In all seriousness, I really don’t enjoy it.  I still clock watch while on the treadmill to see if it is almost time to wrap it up, or check how much time is left on the show I am watching on Netflix.  However, my husband bought me a Fitbit for mother’s day and I enjoy challenging myself on it.

Setting goals for myself on steps, exercise and miles walked has really helped keep me moving.  Sure there have been a few weeks where I say “no” and I am lucky to get 40,000 steps in one week.  And there are weeks like this past one where I had 7 days of 60+ minutes of exercise and I walked over 108,000 steps total!

I also enjoy that I can compete with friends on there.  Luckily for me I have a very active aunt who likes to push me every week.  We do workweek hustles every week with a group of 5 of us.  It’s great to push ourselves to win.  She and I also enjoy the weekend warrior, daily showdown and goal day challenge.  And I have been inviting friends to compete with me as well.  It is that little push you need to hit 10,000 steps (the recommended amount to take) every day.  Or be sure to move every hour – I know this sounds like a plug for Fitbit right?!?!

Right now I am still in the novelty phase so I am soaking it up.  Eventually I am sure the excitement and desire to challenge myself and my friends will disappear.  Until then I am pushing myself and hoping to hit at least 90 days of this so I can get into the habit of being more active.

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