BEF Presents Inspirational Documentary, Up For Air, About 60-year-old CF Ambassador

We are proud to support Up For Air, a documentary about BEF ambassador and 60-year-old pole-vaulting coach living with CF, Jerry Cahill.

The film, directed and produced by Artem Agafonov, was shot over a period of five years, highlighting the “lead by example” and “you cannot fail” attitude of Jerry Cahill as he overcomes the daily challenges of living with CF. Viewers will understand the importance of Jerry’s role as a coach and mentor to his pole-vaulting athletes, as well as the sobering reality of Jerry’s daily medical regimen.

The documentary follows the steady decline of Jerry’s lung function, framing his body as a defective machine and pegging time as his ultimate antagonist. When Jerry’s lung capacity decreases to 19 percent, a double lung transplant becomes imminent.

Up For Air goes on the journey with Jerry as he transforms and vaults over the many obstacles of this next chapter of his life.


To learn more about Up For Air and request a screening, please click here.

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