Trying to Reduce Inflammation for Myself

By Amy Braid

A couple of weeks ago Andrea posted this blog about her experience with going gluten free.  She read a book called Wheat Belly by William Davis MD.  She talked about how much better her joints feel having tried this.   It sounded great!

Obviously the post inspired me to try it out.  What can it hurt?  30 days without wheat products and if I feel better, then I can do it long term.  If there are no benefits, then back to white bread and cupcakes.

Inflammation is my biggest issue.  Whether it is lungs or joints, I struggle every day with it.  Today as I type this I have pain in both of my swollen hands (not it is not water retention) and a tight chest from the humidity.  Yesterday I picked up the book from my local library and last night I started reading it.  I enjoy history and current affairs.  I enjoy reading about subjects like those.  So to me this book is an easy read so far.  I am learning the history behind the wheat.  I did fast forward to the end where there are some wheat substitute recipes so I can purchase some items this week to try out.  I am also curious if I can purchase non-genetically altered flour to use in bread baking – a huge winter past time for me.

I am not expecting a miracle here.  I don’t expect to all of a sudden have fabulous lungs and the joints of my 20s.  But I do hope to have some relief and perhaps enough to want to try this diet long term.  Though I do hesitate to call it a diet.  More of a lifestyle change.  Yes that is what we shall call it.  A new way of life if I feel the benefits are worth it.

If you too are interested in trying this new lifestyle thanks to Andrea’s blog post then I say hope aboard with me.  Let’s give this a shot and meet back here in 30 days to see if we had any results!

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