Cystic Fibrosis included in updated Contraceptive Guide—Guest blog by Laura Mentch

By Laura Mentch

On July 29th the CDC released an updated Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive (MEC). These recommendations enable health care providers to evaluate the safety of initiating and continuing use of contraceptive methods for women with certain medical conditions, including cystic fibrosis. Related concerns such as depression, diabetes, gallbladder disease, history of choleostasis, blood clots, and solid organ transplantation are also included. The last section of the chart includes guidance on medication classes including antibiotics, antifungals and SSRIs. All of this information is available in one resource.

Health care providers –our CF team and those we see for family planning, gynecology or obstetrics – can use this clinical guidance to help women with CF choose appropriate methods while considering individual circumstances, current health status and pregnancy intention. Women with CF are fertile and should use contraception unless trying to become pregnant. Effective, well-chosen contraception supports women in avoiding or carefully planning pregnancy with the support of their CF team.

This guidance is a great resource for providers caring for women with CF, but they need to be aware that it exists. Bring it to the attention of your CF Team and the provider you see for family planning so that each can provide appropriate care for you and other women with CF.

The link below provides a summary of this information along with downloads of the report from the MMWR, MEC chart, Contraceptive effectiveness charts and a wheel for use in clinical settings. Again, all the resources in one place.


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