OWN IT: Seeing the Future

When dealing with a chronic illness, whatever it may be, there is a degree of uncertainty that can often be blinding. At times, it can seem impossible to see the future.

As a kid, this isn’t really something that would have crossed my mind. Growing up, my teachers and coaches at every level of education or athletics would time and again tell me and my classmates, or teammates, that we are our nation’s future. “You are the future leaders, CEO’s and difference makers that will change the world,” they would tell us. I’ve heard that little speech a million different times, and I definitely believe it. I can point to several friends my age that I know will change the world.

For someone with CF, though, I have to recognize that my future is not in any way set in stone. That stress is magnified whenever I’m sick. I suddenly start down the black hole that is contemplating my mortality.

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