Small World by Mark Levine

I couldn’t believe it. I was walking around the pool at a resort in Mexico and I noticed a woman reading a newsletter that looked very familiar.  As the subscription manager of the CF Roundtable, I know that we send out less than 1300 copies around the world per quarter. The odds seemed slim that a random person at a random resort in Mexico would be reading our newsletter, but I had to find out.

I asked the woman what she was reading and sure enough, it was the Fall 2015 copy of the CF Roundtable. We started talking and it turns out that her daughter, who lives in Florida and was not on the trip, has CF and gave her mom the newsletter to read on vacation. What a small world.

This woman’s daughter is in her early 40’s, has a young child and just completed the same clinical trial that I just completed last week. It’s funny who you run into if you just pay attention. Also, I realized it was very clever (not my cleverness) to keep the CF Roundtable on the yellow paper with the red title fonts. In a sea of reading material, the CF Roundtable really stands out.

There are a few take aways here. First of all, I asked the woman I spoke with to encourage her daughter to share her experiences with the CF community by writing an article for our next issue and possibly write a blog or two. She has an incredible story, from being diagnosed at 12 years old, participating in clinical trials and giving birth to her child. I think people would be inspired to hear what she has to say.

Second, a reminder that the CF Roundtable is available for free at where you can sign up for an electronic copy (that gets emailed to you) and / or a hard copy (that gets sent to your home) each quarter. If you have a parent, friend or know someone with CF who does not receive our newsletter, please have them sign up to get their own copy.

I’m looking forward to seeing some new subscribers and of course some new articles, perhaps by the daughter of my new friend that I met in Mexico.

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