CF Roundtable 2016 Annual Survey
We are conducting a survey, and your response would be appreciated. The U.S. Adult CF Association (USACFA), publishers of CF Roundtable, is continually striving to improve and we welcome your input. This should take no more than 5 – 10 minutes of your time.
Here is a link to the survey:

Thank you for your time!

The US Adult CF Assn/Lauren Melissa Kelly Scholarship 2016 Applications are due March 11th!

Please go the Announcements section for more information.

 CF Roundtable Article submissions are due March 15th.

The Focus Topic is “Managing Various Conditions Under the CF Umbrella”. If you – our adult readers with CF – have conditions such as GERD, CF-related arthritis, blood pressure problems, etc that are not purely CF-related but you must manage, tell us about them and how you are dealing with them.

If you have another topic you wish to write about, we will publish it under “Voices From the Roundtable.”

Please submit all articles to Hope to hear from you!

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