Ask Your Questions to CF Roundtable

Do you have questions for our CF Roundtable columnists?

The US Adult CF Assn (USACFA) publishes CF Roundtable. USACFA’s directors consist of all adults with CF. Some of our columnists, although not directors, make up an important part of USACFA and CF Roundtable.

So if you have questions, we’d like to hear them!

Here’s a list of our columnists, their columns and contact emails.

Beth Sufian JD                       Ask The Attorney        

Isabel Stenzel Byrnes           Spirit Medicine            

Kathy Russell                         Speeding Past 50        

Julie Desch MD                      Wellness                       

Laura Tilman                         Info From the Internet

Andrea Eisenman                 Transplant Talk, ITS*  

Jeanie Hanley                                    In The Spotlight (ITS*)

*ITS = Interviewing Adults with CF

Karen Vega                            Parenting (as an Adult with CF)

Meranda Honaker                 Searching for the Cure
(Clinical Trials)

Reid D’Amico                         Searching for the Cure
(Clinical Trials)

Also don’t forget these special sections:

Milestones – Share your Birthday, Wedding and/or Transplant Anniversary with us!

Family Photo Album – Share pictures of your successes and achievements in our 4-color page section of CF Roundtable.

Voices From the Roundtable – If you would like to write an article for CF Roundtable about an issue affecting your life with CF, we would welcome it.

Send in to

Hope to hear from you!


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