New Website Design that is Mobile-Friendly

Hi CF Roundtable Readers!
As you may have noticed, we have redesigned our website. There are two reasons for this – to improve the aesthetics, and even more importantly, to enhance your CF Roundtable experience and functionality on mobile devices. We realize many of you are on the go and when you’re not at your computer, would like access remotely, on your phones, tablets, etc.   Even when you are home, most people use their cell phones or e-readers so we want to accommodate you in every way possible with the upgraded mobile-readibility and our revamped website look

We hope this makes looking at our website easier and more enjoyable. Please send us your feedback – all comments, good, so-so or not-so-good, are appreciated as it helps us continually progress. The editors and directors of the US Adult CF Assn (USACFA) who manage the CF Roundtable website and publish CF Roundtable thank you!

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