Now out in paperback, My Foreign Cities

Elizabeth Scarboro’s memoir, My Foreign Cities, about her marriage to her first husband who had CF, has just been released in paperback. 

MFC_paperbackAna Stenzel reviewed the book for CF Roundtable last Spring.  She wrote:
“My Foreign Cities is a much-needed book for the CF community.  Sharing her experiences as a young woman who falls in love, while in her late teens, with a man who has CF, and their 10 year journey together as life partners moved me and provided insights into the experience of the CF spouse.  In all the literature I’ve read on CF, rarely have I come across a story so powerful and insightful in providing the spouse’s viewpoint on the CF experience. The book is beautifully written, humorous at many points and so real at others, and gives the reader an in-depth personal account of the joys and frustrations of loving a spouse who happens to have CF. Like some CF books, I did not leave the experience feeling down, critical or frustrated but, rather, infused with love and appreciation for those who are able to love people with CF unconditionally – “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.”

You can find out more about the paperback at:

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