Anatomy of an Excellent Doctor, By Elizabeth Scarboro

Please check out the link to The Huffington Post to read published writer Elizabeth Scarboro’s experience with a  a great CF Doctor. Some of us might take it for granted that this is everyone’s experience with doctors but it is just not so.

I met Dr. Stulbarg when I was 22, and had just moved to San Francisco to be with my boyfriend Stephen. Stephen had cystic fibrosis, but he’d been unusually healthy as long as I’d known him. Then, three weeks after my arrival, on a Saturday night, his lung collapsed while we were driving to a party. Stephen was casual, I was terrified, and this began the part of our relationship for which there was no map.

Things seemed simple enough at first. We drove to the hospital; Stephen got a chest tube, and his lung healed. But the day he was supposed to come home, his lung collapsed a second time. We sat squeezed together on his hospital bed, drinking our morning coffee, talking with Dr. Stulbarg about what would happen next.

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