The Winner of the Jacoby Angel Award is Jerry Cahill

Jerry Cahill has been awarded the prestigious Jacoby Angel Award from the United States Adult CF Association (USACFA) for being a person with CF who is making a difference in the lives of one or more people with or without CF. The award is named after Dr. Jack Jacoby who was a CF physician at the St. Vincent’s CF Center in New York City for over 15 years from 1982-1997. Remarkably Dr. Jacoby had CF which gave him a unique understanding of the disease. Dr. Jacoby’s patients felt he was not only an amazing physician but also an angel sent to them at their time of need. Dr. Jacoby always put the needs of others above his own needs and worked tirelessly to bring comfort and relief to his patients. He was the medical advisor for USACFA and wrote a medical column for CF Roundtable for many years. Jerry Cahill has followed in Dr. Jacoby’s footsteps and helped many people with CF over the years.

After retiring from a successful career in the fashion industry, Jerry was looking for an organization that could use his talents and offer him the satisfaction of helping others. He started volunteering for the Boomer Esiason Foundation (BEF). Soon he had helped to start the Boomer Esiason scholarship program and the BEF transplant expense fund which helps people financially who need to relocate for transplant. Jerry started his now famous Podcasts on a variety of topics that help people with CF cope with the challenges that living with CF present on a daily basis. He also started other BEF sponsored programs: CF Wind Sprints, Team Boomer and Club CF. Even when his health declined he did not waiver in his commitment to providing funds to people with CF for education and transplant, and in his efforts to educate the CF community.

Now, post lung transplant he continues in his volunteer endeavors with BEF. Jerry’s latest project is a program called “You Cannot Fail” which encourages people with CF to exercise and lead full lives while taking care of themselves. He has authored two books in association with this project, “You Cannot Fail…You are the Hero of Your Own Story” and “Jerry the Boy Who Could not Fail”. Jerry is an amazing man who follows in the footsteps of the awards namesake, Dr. Jack Jacoby, by dedicating himself to helping people with CF.

Past award winners include: Michelle Compton, Susan Burroughs, Robyn Petras and Pammie Post.

The three finalists for the 2013 award were Dr. Susie Baldwin, Joanne Schum and Brian Callanan.

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  1. It’s so wonderful to hear about people helping others. I’ve been involved in the CF Foundation for over 38 years. My daughter is 41 and was diagnosed with CF when she was 2 1/2. I am extremely proud of my daughter and the hard work and hard life she has to endure. We will fight until we find a cure!

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