Social Security Benefits – Guest Blog by Beth Sufian, JD

There are any people with CF who receive some sort of monthly Social Security benefit. The Social Security benefit gives the person a monthly cash payment to help with living expenses. Most people with CF want SSA benefits because they qualify for Medicaid or Medicare if they receive the SSA benefit. In most states a person over the age of 19 cannot get Medicaid benefits unless the person is also receiving SSI benefits. Some people with CF over the age of 19 receiving benefits do not realize that without the SSI benefit the person will not be eligible for Medicaid. It is very important to make sure a person understands the rules related to benefit eligibility. If a person makes too much money from part time work activity or receives an inheritance from another person the person may lose his SSI benefit and will then lose the Medicaid benefit. Congress has recently been holding hearings related to Social Security Disability and SSI benefits. Some people in Congress feel that there are people who receive benefits who should not be receiving benefits. Congress is interested in having Social Security step up efforts to “root out” people who are not really eligible for benefits. Social Security has already stepped up benefit reviews of people already receiving benefits in the past 2 months. A person with CF should make sure he understands the eligibility criteria for benefits. In addition, if a person is reviewed by SSA he will have to show that he still meets the medical requirements for benefits. It will be crucial to have CF clinic visits that provide evidence of a persons’s FEV1, sputum cultures and a record of medications taken on daily basis. Questions about the Social Security program can be answered by the attorneys at the CF Legal Information Hotline at 800-622-0385, which is supported by a grant from the CF Foundation. All contacts are free and confidential.

2 thoughts on “Social Security Benefits – Guest Blog by Beth Sufian, JD”

  1. Hi! I’m looking for medical research for my 8th grade science project, and it includes an interview from a professional! I’ve previously tried to call multiple different CF hotlines, but they all ended up giving me absolutely nothing. So I figured emailing would be easier.

    I have just a few questions:

    1. What sort of symptoms would a patient with CF have, and how would you treat them? Any medications perscribed?

    2. To treat the condition, how much school (years) do you have to go to? What types of schools?

    Thank you so much for your time! If you’re interested in speaking with me about these in person, by all means just ask and I’ll be more than happy to give y’all a call! Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi there, I know you need a professional, but I am 26 WITH cystic fibrosis 🙂 1. we would be coughing a lot, coughing up phlegm, digestion problems, hard time getting nutrients into the body.
    2. CF is a very complex disease, so my doctors have all gone at least 8 or 9 years. Sorry I’m sure you cant use this info, but thought I’d respond!

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